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Train Heavy: Top 4 Reasons You Should Be Lifting Heavy

Train Heavy: Top 4 Reasons You Should Be Lifting Heavy

There are a variety of things that make up a successful workout, including diet and the right training. If you are serious about reaching your fitness goals and you are not incorporating heavy days of training, then you are missing the key ingredients to your fitness success, which we’ll discuss in just a minute. Along with the right training, the right exercise supplements can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. At 360RX, our online supplement store offers a range of weight management supplements, pre-workout formulas, and more. To help your muscles perform better and for a boost of energy, shop at online supplement store today.

Here are Four Reasons Why You Should Lift Heavy:

Increase Strength

Whether you are a female or a male, building strength is essential to reaching your fitness goals. Strength helps improve balance, coordination, performance, and overall body tone.

Burn More Calories During Rest

The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn during rest. Traditional elliptical cardio or the gym group classes will make you sweat for that hour, but once you’re done, so is your calorie burn. Weight training and building muscle increases your metabolism during and after your workout. Leaving your metabolism fueled all day.

Improve Muscle Tone

Lifting heavy doesn’t result in getting bulky. If you are looking to increase size, then lifting heavy and boosting calorie intake is a great way to get results. However, just because you are lifting heavy doesn’t mean you have to bulk. This is especially important for women who believe that if they lift heavy they will get “too big.” The fact of the matter is, you will burn more calories and build lean muscle by lifting heavy and incorporating a balanced diet. You can do light weight with high reps, but if this is all you do then good luck seeing true definition. If anything, have a light day with high reps and incorporate a heavy day at least once a week for both the lower and upper body. You will not be disappointed with the inevitable results.

Decrease In Injuries

If performed correctly, lifting heavy actually helps prevent degeneration in muscles and joints. Your muscles that surround your joints need to be strong to ease the pressure of the surrounding joints. To boost effectiveness of heavy strength training, be sure to fuel your results with 360RX post workout fuel with an Enzymatic Hybrid Protein, Protalyn and recovery aid of Amino-Rx. Fuel your fitness results at our online supplement store and finally achieve the look you want.
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