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Thyroid, An Easy Answer to Your Weight Loss Secrets

Thyroid, An Easy Answer to Your Weight Loss Secrets

Don’t Discount The Role Of The Thyroid

If you have tried everything to lose weight but to no avail, you may be neglecting the biggest hurdle — your thyroid. If you haven’t had your thyroid checked, it may be time to do so. Many people, especially women, have a problem with their thyroid gland which may go undiagnosed. Like paddling upstream, if you have a thyroid deficiency, weight loss can not only be hard, in some instances, it can be impossible. The body’s ability to maintain, and control, weight lies solely in the thyroid gland. It is the powerhouse for the regulation of hormones throughout the body. Like the hub, it is responsible for producing proteins, and utilizing energy. It is also responsible for the metabolic burn of energy in the body. It is easy to see why, if your thyroid is not working appropriately, it will severely affect your weight.

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Thyroids Gone Wild

When the thyroid is not functioning properly, it is possible to result in one of two conditions: hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. The first being responsible for weight gain, the latter being responsible for the inability to maintain weight. So, what are the types of things that can be responsible for a rogue thyroid? There are many conditions which can lead to the thyroid either over, or under, producing the necessary hormones in the body. The two hormones which are most crucial to weight maintenance are triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). The amounts of both in the bloodstream are responsible for your metabolic rate of energy burn. Finding out if your thyroid is functioning properly is as easy as taking a blood test to check levels of these hormones.

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If you are found to have a less than stellar functioning thyroid gland, medications to control for it should be your last line of defense. There are other ways to control the thyroid function of the body. Your diet, nutritional intake, and exercise can all alter the way that the thyroid works. It is also important to stray away from sugars and simple carbohydrates, which will cause a spike in your blood sugar level. Eating a diet that is rich in proteins and dietary fiber is important for your health, and the health of your thyroid. Getting a minimum of 60 minutes of cardio exercise per day, will also help to jump-start a sluggish thyroid gland.

If none of the changes you make have an influence on your weight, it may be necessary to take medications to control the hormone levels. Even if you are on synthetic hormone replacements, however, it is still important to maintain a healthy diet, and get the proper amount of exercise. If you have any doubts about whether you have a thyroid deficiency, it is always best to seek the medical advice of a professional.

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