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Eat Your Water – Top 10 Tips to Stay hydrated

Hydration is key to boosting fitness performance, losing weight, and staying healthy. It is a longstanding fact that drinking water boosts health in numerous ways, not just in the realm of fitness. However, with so many options to reach for another beverage, it is the essential choice to reach for the thirst-quenching hydration-inducing aqua. Along with hydration, the right supplementation can make a big difference when you’re trying to lose weight or tone or build muscle. When you reach for a bottle of water, you can also reach for ThermoRX or a pre-workout formula, both available on our online supplement store. 360RX is passionate about educating people about fitness and dieting and giving you the tools you need to reach your goals. Shop for all-natural exercise and performance supplements in our store.

Tips To Help You Drink More Water

1. Make it a Morning Routine

Drink one full glass of water right away in the morning before breakfast and, if you’re a coffee lover, before that routine Cup of Joe as well. This is the best way to get your hydration ahead of schedule for the day.

2. Be Prepared At The Gym

Don’t rely on a water fountain to keep you hydrated when you are on the go at the gym. Toting around a water bottle in the gym is the best way to keep fueled during and even after your workout.

3. Order Water When Dining Out

Make a pact with yourself to skip the soft drinks and order water instead. You can boost this motivation with a healthy motto of saving not only calories but also cash.

4. Make a Water Bottle Your New Daily Accessory

Whether you are running errands, working at a desk all day, traveling, or working out, make a water bottle your counterpart. The best choice is to carry a gallon so you can gauge your water intake throughout the day, but a more compact water bottle will suffice if it is more suitable to pack for your day.

Online Supplement Store5. Eat Your Water

Fruits and vegetables contain water and are healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay while fueling your hydration. Cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, watermelon, radishes, zucchini, and celery contain a fair amount of water to supplement additional source for hydration.

6. Infuse With Fruits

Whether it is a squeeze of lemon, cucumber water, or kiwi, infusing your water with some flavor is an added bonus.

7. Add Some Delicious Amino-Rx Flavor

Amino acids are great for not only muscle endurance and recovery, but are also a great way to enhance your water beverage. A scope of delicious grape flavor of Amino-Rx is a great way satisfy your taste buds and stay hydrated.

8. One for One Rule

For every sugary soda, coffee, or caffeinated tea, make it a rule to drink a glass of water as well.

Online Supplement Store9. Mix Your Post-Workout Protein With Water

Of course, it is nice to make a delicious and creamy protein shake every once in awhile. But when it comes to weight loss, mixing your protein with water is the best way to keep fueled and limit excess calories. 360Rx Protalyn enzymatic hybrid protein comes in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavors that make a creamy blend with water alone.

10. Be Mindful

All these tips require mindfulness, listening to your body, and making sure you are being health conscious by fueling yourself with water throughout the day. If you’re looking for an online supplement store that offers all-natural products, shop at 360RX. Our store wants to see you reach and exceed your fitness goals.
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