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Beginners Guide To Recovery – Top 5 Things To Know About Recovery

Beginners Guide To Recovery – Top 5 Things To Know About Recovery

Whether you are training to tone muscle, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, or increase athletic performance, success requires a balance of both hard work and well-earned rest.

The process of any fitness goal requires training that inevitably puts the body through stress. The stress of an intense workout breaks down muscles and depletes the body’s natural energy sources.

It may sound rather harsh, but the body has an incredible formulation that uses these sources as fuel to reach your fitness goals. Proper tips to recover can help to boost muscle growth, aid in joint health, balance pH levels, and improve blood flow. To refuel is to recover, and the faster you recover, the quicker you reach your goals.

Online Supplement Store1 Restore Depletion With Supplement

Boost recovery process and decrease muscle soreness and fatigue by adding the aid of healthy supplementation like 360RX. A clean diet is essential in refueling, but adding basic supplementation such as a multi-vitamins, amino acids and protein  will help boost the breakdown and restore the essential nutrients and repair that the body needs to properly recover. These products and more are available on our online supplement store.

2 Window Of Opportunity

Muscles are broken down during training and there is a window of opportunity where refueling the body with protein, electrolytes, and carbohydrates is essential for muscle recovery. Directly after a workout and up to one hour, you should consume a fast digesting protein to encourage muscle recovery and rebuilding. A recommended consumption of about 30 to 50 grams directly after a workout is essential to recovery.

3 “No Pain, No Gain” – Don’t Believe The Hype

Without rest, there is no gain! So, don’t get caught up in “not enough” or be over-consumed by the hype that you end up neglecting what your body is really telling you. A healthy routine consists of a schedule that incorporates the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent should incorporate a well-balanced diet, proper supplementation, and five or six days per week of hard earned training.

Online Supplement Store4 Hydrate

Hydration is a critical component when it comes obtaining any healthy fitness goals and actually increasing performance. Water flushes out the body’s systems, helping to remove the build-up of toxins and lactic acid. Keeping hydrated is also linked to a balance of pH levels.

5 Boost pH Levels

Maybe you’ve heard the term pH level, maybe you haven’t, either way, the quick skinny on this essential foundational of good health is this: These levels affect the entire functioning of the body. From the metabolic process to sustaining a heartbeat, to immune functioning. Having balanced pH levels boosts overall health, decreases the risk of disease, and supports immune health, all of which will help the body to recover properly.

Utilizing the product line from our online supplement store will help you recover quicker and provide your body the essential elements to meet your needs.

If you’ve ever pushed yourself too hard during your weekly workouts and were in pain for days, you’re not doing your body any favors! With the help of Protalyn protein and amino acids, available on our online supplement store, you can see results while also giving your body what it needs.

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